Vessel Types

  1. Research Vessels

    Government owned/operated • College/University owned/operated • Privately owned/operated • USCG Inspected or uninspected

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  2. Inspected Passenger Vessels

    Sport Fishing • Sightseeing • Whale Watching • Dive Boat • Dinner/Cruise • Passenger Ferry

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  3. Uninspected Passenger Vessels

    Sixpack charter (sail, inboard & outboard) • 12pack charter (allowable by USCG if over 100 GRT)

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  4. Fixed Gear Commercial Fishing

    Rod & Reel • Powered Rod & Reel • Hook Troll • Trapping • Potting • Gillnetting

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  5. Mobile Gear Commercial Fishing

    Trawlers • Draggers • Scallopers • Seiners • Longliners

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  6. Tug & Tow

    Tug & Barge Fleet • Towing Operations • Pleasure Craft Assistance

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  7. Work Boats

    Harbor Operations for yacht waste water collection • Baykeeper Functions • Marine construction businesses • Mooring services • Aquaculture tending craft • Other small scale inshore work of any kind not associated with wild harvest or passenger carrying

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  8. Pilot Vessels

    We have a special policy tailored for Pilots which protects the pilot whose Association owns the vessels.

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  9. Builder’s Risk

    This form of insurance is applied to exposures where new boats are being built and the owner needs his own coverage. Substantial rebuilds of older vessels also fit into this category.

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