Seacoast Appetites & Offerings

American Flag Vessel Classes Served:

  • Inspected Passenger Vessels
  • Uninspected 6 Passenger Vessels & 12 Passenger Vessels (over 100 GRT)
  • Research Vessels
  • Pilot Vessels
  • Builders Risk
  • Small Towing Risks i.e. franchises
  • Commercial Fishing Vessels
  • Vessels domiciled in the 50 States, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

Advantages of Working with Seacoast:

  • Highly responsive service-oriented staff
  • Competitive Commission Structure
  • Rapid and accurate electronic policy issuance
  • Access to experienced and knowledgeable claim management
  • 1M/1M limits
  • Excess Hull/P&I limits are available
  • Worldwide Navigation
  • Endorsements/coverage grants not found with other underwriters
  • Interest-free quarterly payments; minimum premium applies
  • Condition & Value surveys at the Carrier’s expense as required on renewal
  • Claims Free Reward on Passenger Vessels for qualifying accounts

Forms Used:

  • Taylor 53/70 Hull
  • AIHC 77 with excess collision endorsed back in
  • AIMU P&I forms with excess collision endorsed back in
  • P&I Clauses: SP-38, SP-23, AIMU
  • American Institute Builder’s Risk form
  • American Institute Tug form