Mobile Gear Commercial Fishing

For insurance purposes Mobile Gear includes longliners and seiners, but mainly describes trawlers, draggers, scallopers or any operation with active gear such as nets or dredges that are set out and hauled back while the vessel and gear are underway with winches or drums, typically with a cycle measured in hours or minutes.

Mobile gear fisheries present the most challenging underwriting problems due to intensity of effort and the dangers associated with the deck machinery.

We blend rates for combination vessels, such as vessels that gillnet or salmon troll but also drag for fish/shrimp or scallop dredge, depending on the season.

Rates also differentiate between vessels that land fish practically day by day (inshore, defined as less than 50 miles offshore) and trip fishers.

Seacoast generally has an offshore limit of 100 miles for any commercial fishing vessel that we may underwrite.