Inspected Passenger Vessels

Seacoast insures all types of inspected vessels and is one of the largest privately-owned program administrators in the U.S. specializing in doing so. Within this segment we are the most competitive with vessels that are in the range of 100 GRT (Gross Registered Tons) or less, operating in the USA and some of its Territories. We are currently the only underwriter of vessels employing crew that offers coverage for the crew if they are in service to the vessel while she is out of navigation. We can also underwrite any navigation range as per the COI (Certificate of Inspection) on a particular vessel. With Seacoast your clients can take advantage of interest free installment premium payment options, discounts for each year without claims, and a 24/7 contact number for emergencies.

When gathering information from your prospective insured, here is some information that helps us tailor the policy to suit each vessel and its use:

  •  Is there a Lay Up period?
  • Is the vessel owner operated?
  • What experience do the captain(s) have?
  • Does the insured sail ‘open’ or on charter?
  • Besides the allowable maximum number of passengers on the Certificate of Inspection for the vessel, what is the typical number, or average of passengers on a given trip?
  • What is the crew count minimum and maximum, and their experience on this particular vessel?
  • Is there a written survey less than 5 years old available in your file?
  • Type and frequency of incidents in the past which could have led, or did lead to insurance claims?

USCG Inspected vessels enjoy better insurance premium rating than other types of vessels because of the Coast Guard’s regulation and inspection program.We strive to identify patterns, and at your suggestion we will assist in getting control of such patterns of incidents as part of our overall service.

Some insured operations permit swimming and snorkeling from vessels not carrying passengers primarily for SCUBA trips (those with a licensed and insured Divemaster aboard); we offer coverage for this type of recreation as required.

Many other options are available including Loss of Business Income during downtime as a result of a covered loss.

It’s always best to have a conversation with us so we get a good feel for your business. Though many operations are similar, there are often adjustments available in the insurance program to suit individual exposures to risk.